Overwatch Anti Decay

This season of Overwatch, Blizzard decided to implement a new and stricter decay system for all players in Diamond and above. All players in those ranks need to play at least 7 games every week to avoid their SR decaying. There have been many complaints about the new Overwatch Decay System - luckily players who use Overwatch-Boosting.com does not have to worry. 

Overwatch-Boosting.com has implemented an Anti Decay service, where players can purchase maintaince on their accounts for as many weeks as they want. This means you, as a player, can choose amount of games you want our booster to play per week (7 is reaquired to not decay, but if you want to play ranked yourself you can choose less than 7 games), and you can choose how many weeks you want our boosters to maintain your account. When the period is over, your account will have stayed at the same SR as it did when you purchased, although in some cases the SR may be up to 100 higher. We will never let your account get lower, but it may get a few points higher during the maintaince period. 

There are, of course, some rules and restrictions that apply to avoid your Overwatch account from decaying. When you purchase our services you need to input the correct rank - If you say you are diamond but you are actually Grandmaster you will be asked to edit your order.

During your maintaince period you are free to use your account as often and as much as you want, but if you decide to play ranked and you lose, you will either need to win the SR back to where it was, or pay the difference for us to boost it back up. If you choose to do neither, that is also fine, but then we will maintain your new rank that you dropped to. 

Purchase your Overwatch Anti Decay Service.



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