A Professional Players Beta Experience

We have interviewed an experienced FPS player who shot straight to the top in both TF2 and Unreal Tournament, as well as placing high in MOBA competitions around the world. Here are the questions we asked him (he didnt have time for more than this at the time).

1. How was your first experience with Overwatch?
It was fantastic, I was extremely hyped for the game as I haven’t had an FPS that really suites me for a few years. The last game I felt I clicked to was Team fortress 2. The game has a really epic feel to it, with each map having its own set of music and vibe which contribute to really believing the scenarios. Each character also has their own personality and Blizzard went out of their way to be creative with every single character in the game. No characters were boring and I just can’t wait for release!

2. Did it live up to the hype?
For me it definitely did. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun playing a game, however it is still in beta, and I do feel like they need to make a few minor adjustments to really round it out!

3. What do you Blizzard did well with the game?
Definitely their creative juices were flowing with this game. There are tons of different ideas with mobility in each class as well as their weaponry. They really didn’t hold back giving each character their own identity. The game has high replay ability and I can definitely see myself pouring countless hours into this take of an FPS from Blizzard.

4. What could they have done better?
I think a killfeed or kill notification system that is better tuned would be a great idea. Stopping to tab to see if my teammates are dead or spinning around ingame to find skulls isn’t a great way to check how my teammates are doing. This information needs to be shown a bit easier.

A Ranked System would be great, I love to see how I’m doing if I’m going up or down in rank and see how my skill is doing against the general population.

A stopwatch mode for when you are attacking or defending to show if you actually win the match. I mean both attacking teams can break the defense, but you can’t really tell if you are winning.

I felt like the HUD was a bit cluttered, I would like to be able to customize it a little, however I’m not sure if Blizzard will end up doing that. The viewmodels were really big in my opinion and I believe their should be an option to hide them. Crosshair customization is a must! I love what they have done, but I’d like to change it if I feel like it’s a bit too big. The healthbar was really difficult to see in a sticky situation, when dueling 1v2 its not easy to look down to see your HP to backtrack as tracer. I feel like it should show a bit better.

Music should be able to be disabled, while I love the music in the game, after hearing it a few hundred times I may get annoyed.

5. If you could make ONE change in the game, what would it be?
Killfeed or Kill notifications.

6. Do you think it will be a popular game?
I believe it has a huge opportunity in the current market with only CS:GO handling FPS right now. Blizzard makes all their games pretty popular and have a huge following. I mean, if they can make a RNG Card game popular, I’m pretty sure their FPS will fly successfully.

7. What did you think about the heroes and will more be added?
I believe 21 heroes is a great starting amount and honestly I don’t even feel like more are necessary from my short play on the stress weekend. However more would be welcome. I do think Blizzard will add more heroes as they are very creative and seem to want to endlessly expand their games (in a good way!)

8. Does it feel more like a 1st person shooter or something else?
Definitely FPS first, but it does have some other elements with all the spells and ultimates ingame. It adds a whole new depth to FPS games which I really enjoyed. Starting to learn spell timings on each hero will ensure this game has a high skill ceiling.

That’s it, folks. From the mouth of one of the top FPS talents out there! He will remain anonymous as he is joining our Overwatch Boosting and Coaching team in the spring!

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