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Overwatch Boosting Jobs

How to become an Overwatch Booster for is owned by ESA - a large eSports corporation that owns many other boosting related websites and takes boosting jobs very seriously. You will be expected to be curtious to clients, professional in your dealings with everyone - included fellow boosters, responsible with your clients accounts and you need to have good time management.

You can choose yourself when you want to claim an order, but once you have decided to select an order to complete, you are required to provide minimum 5 net wins on the accounts you have chosen to do every day until they are completed. As long as you have decided to start a boost, you cannot take a day off until the boost is completed. If you want a week of vacation, that is fine, simply do not pick up any jobs during that time and make sure all your boosts are completed before you leave. 

We also require you to update your games on our website (we will teach you how, it is very simple, just 2 clicks and you are done) after every game, reply promptly to clients who message you, and always put the clients account safety first. 



Hiring Boosters for Overwatch - Are you looking to become an Overwatch Rank Booster?

Do you have great Overwatch skills and extra time on your hands? Are you looking to make money playing video games? Then this may be the place for you! Here at we are looking for skilled individuals to join our exclusive crew - But first we need to know if you have the skills necessary to be a productive member of our team.


Please make sure you read through our requirements before you apply. 

  • You must have a rating of at least 80 in Season 1 or 3900 in Season 2.
  • You must speak English.
  • You must be mature, friendly and professional. person who respects the work environment. This is a business first and foremost, and you are expected to behave like you are at a workplace.
  • You need to communicate with your clients, and reply to their questions in a timely manner (there is both a private messaging system and a chatbox in place for each of your orders).
  • You need to be able to gain 5 net wins every 24 hours per account you choose to claim/assign yourself, unless it is a high rating boost which we know may take longer. 
  • You must be willing to set aside enough time to complete the boosts you choose to claim, and you must be responsible enough to only pick up orders when you have time to complete them.


We do receive an abundance of applications from people looking for boosting jobs in Overwatch, so we may not reply instantly to your request, but we do receive them and will reply as soon as we are able. As of September 6, 2016 we have several spots open and we are hiring boosters for Overwatch!


Step 1.

You need to fill out our Overwatch Boosting Jobs Application Form. We will almost always contact you via skype, so make sure you give the correct Skype-add needed to find you. In the Application Letter please provide a summary of your skills and gaming history so that we can review it and see if you are a suitable fit for working with us, and dont forget to tell us your rating, or you may never hear from us. If the link didnt work, you can send in your application here :


Step 2.

Once we have contacted you we will ask you some questions and then send you the Overwatch Booster Rules for this website. After you confirm that you have read through the rules and understand everything (this is important as you risk not getting paid if you break these rules) you will be given a starter account or trial account to complete. On this account you will need to do a short boost to show us you have the skills necessary to work here. You may be spectated during your boost, although you will not be warned of this. We take multiple precautions for each of our trialists, as we only want to provide the best service possible when assisting our clients, which means we only hire the absolute best Overwatch Boosters.. We expect you to be professional and take pride in your work as it is important that customers are always satisfied when their boost is completed.


Step 3.

Upon completion of your trial account, you will be welcomed to our Overwatch Boosting team. You will receive a form to fill out your information so we can set you up with your own boosting account. You will also be included in our booster chat to find other boosters to play with if you want to duo to achieve even better win rates. Here you can also assist each other in completing boosts. We’d be glad to have you if you’ve made it this far and as long as you follow the rules you will always have a job with us. is hiring, and we’d love to hear from you, so please drop us an application here : and we’ll contact you as soon as we can!


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