Competitive Overwatch Teams

The closed beta servers came up on October 27th and closed on December 10th, so the game was alive for around a month and a half. In this small time a lot of ‘pro teams’ were announced and many online tournaments have been held (I say pro teams in apostrophes, because the game isn’t even out yet and the tournaments are very small still so there’s not much competition therefore it’s hard to decide which teams are pro). To be honest, the amount of tournaments that were held was astonishing and surprised a lot of people, because the game was and still is in very early stages (up for a month) and there were already weekly tournaments and huge cups with money prize pools (from 100$ to 1.000$). To state the obvious, there is still no team that holds the best-team title, but there are a few teams that keep meeting in the finals and semi-finals therefore we can see which teams are the top teams and which teams have less potential to become the best.


Professional Organization Teams

There are already quite a few big gaming organizations that acquired BattlefieldCS:GO or TF2 players and used them for Overwatch tournaments.

G2 Esports, mostly known for their League of Legends and CS:GO teams announced their Overwatch team on November 26th. The team consists of 6 TF2 players that had a lot of success in their TF2 career and enter the scene with strong words, saying “G2 will be the best!“. They didn‘t had any success in the tournaments so far, but we’ll see what the future holds. G2 haven’t won any money prize pools yet.

Fnatic – another huge eSports organization that is known for many games, including CS:GOLeague of Legends and Battlefield 4 didn’t acquire any new players for theirOverwatch team, instead, the organization gave their BF4 players a chance to compete as an Overwatch team. They did quite well and often reached semi-finals,
sometimes even reaching the first place. The team still has stuff to work on, but they have a bright future ahead of them. Sadly, right after new year, on January 4th 2016, the team roster decided to leave Fnatic organization and move on as team Reunited, the players’ own brand that will be dedicated to Overwatch“New year and a fresh start, an idea we have been thinking about for a while becomes reality, as we announce our very own team,” says vallutaja, one of the players on his twitter. And just like that a new team is born. I believe Fnatic will try to find a new roster as fast as possible, because the game has a long feature ahead of it and a huge organization like this don’t want to miss the train. They won 220$ so far.

Melty eSports Club, a French eSports organization made a team that consists of FPS players from different games. TF2QuakeCS:GOUnreal Tournament – some of the games that were played by the players of this team. Basically a full roster of FPS gods. So far this team showed the best results, reaching quite a few first places in weekly, random and bigger tournaments. They won 720$ so far (not all competitions had prizes, so even though they might have a lot of first places, they might not have the biggest winnings). Their success is understandable, because this is one of the earliest announced teams. Melty eSports Club announced there Overwatch roster on the 5thof September, way before the beta started and that means players had a lot of time to play together and get ready for the game with theory crafting and learning heroes from given information and videos.

Quite a few other gaming organizations are showing loads of interest in acquiring Overwatch teams or creating absolutely new teams with fresh talents so I’m sure there will be loads of new announcements when the beta servers come online again.


Random Amateur Teams

Funny enough, the professional eSports organization teams weren’t the ones that scored the most wins. Quite a few no-name teams raised high above the ‘pro’ teams and beat them again and again.

Team Hubris is a North America team that has players with a long history in various FPS games. The team won 3 weekly GosuGamers tournaments in a row on both NA and EU servers and each victory gave them 120$. Furthermore, they won a few other first places scoring a total of 1.130$ in winnings. Team Hubris earned the most winnings so far and is one of the strongest, if not the strongest team at the moment. They use quite unique tactics in their games, this, combined with good game knowledge led them to great success so far.

Not Enigma is another North American team with players with a lot of different competitive backgrounds in FPS games. They scored 2nd place in 4 of their last tournaments, always losing to the same team – Team Hubris. Overall they earned only 500$ and didn’t score a lot of first places, but in my opinion that doesn’t represent their strength – I think they have a lot of potential to become the top tier team, they just need some more practice.


Bigger Tournaments

There were a lot of small tournaments over the several weeks that servers were up, but the biggest tournaments happened in the last few days. On the 7th of December, 3 days before the servers went down, ESL Overwatch Atlantic Invitational tournament happened and it was the first tournament from ESL. Only 4 top teams were invited, including Not EnigmaTeam HubrisFnatic and melty eSports Club. Hubris won first place and took 600$ with them, Enigma were 2nd with 300$, followed by Fnatic in 3rdwho won 100$. All matches were Best of 3 and Grand finals were Best of 5. North America Team Hubris won.

On the 9th of the December, basically the last day of first phase of the beta, the final Overwatch tournament was held. GD Overwatch EU Laststand had 16 teams participating in it and it was played in 3 formats – Best of 1, Bo3 and Bo5. The 1st place took the whole prize – 600$. Amateur team mydong left 4th after their lost to Fnaticand HUKLtastic ended in 3rd place after losing to Fnatic and melty. In the end, after a tough 5 round game, melty eSports Club were the winners and took home the 600USD prize.

These were the last tournaments and then the beta servers closed on December 10th, leaving everyone wondering what will happen with this amazing game in the feature.



All in all, it’s very interesting to see all of these new amateur teams trying to fight with professional eSports organization teams. The amount of people participating in the tournaments was fascinating and I believe this game has a huge future in front of it. A lot of pro organizations are already looking for Overwatch players to fill their rosters. We will have to wait and see who will rise.

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