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The servers went down for around a month, but at least Blizzard didn‘t leave us totally blind and gave us an update which had a lot of interesting information about the future of Overwatch. The developers update was brought to us by Jeffrey Kaplan, a game director who has been working for Blizzard for over 10 years. In those years he worked a lot on World of Warcraft zones, quests and raids and now he is working on Overwatch.

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Future heroes and maps

The first and most amazing topic he starts with is the post-launch heroes and maps. Community was having a huge discussion about this, because nobody wanted to pay for new characters or maps and Jeff gave us the answer we have all been waiting for.

„We have decided the best way to add them (editor note: them – new heroes and maps) to the game is to patch them in as free content and not as DLC“ Kaplan confirms that future heroes and maps will be free. This eliminates any concerns the community had about the future of the game. I think this is the best decision Blizzard could ever make and this can only bring good things and many new fans to the game.


Killfeed and scoreboard

Many people were demanding Killfeed, especially because of competitive gameplay. Players need information about deaths ASAP it happens so they could react respectively. Pressing tab to see the information might make you miss a shot and lose the game, so, luckily for us “it is a feature we plan to add” says Jeff. It hasn’t been added yet, because developers are still discussing it – how much information should it provide, where it needs to be, what info it should provide, etc. For the boosters preparing to do jobs and overwatch boost, they are very excited about this possible change.

Another thing people wanted from developers is more information on the scoreboard (you know, the thing you see when you press TAB). Sadly, according to the developer update, they aren’t planning to do many changes to the scoreboard. Instead, they will be doing changes to the “on fire” feature to be more reliable. After all the refinement to the “on fire” function it should represent who is the best player in-game and therefore give information without showing real stats.

People on forums and reddit weren’t happy about no additional information on the scoreboard, so we can still hope developers change their mind and change it more in the future. In my opinion they could add a scoreboard with our information after the game ends so we can see how well we played and where should we improve. This way we wouldn’t be able to rage on teammates while in-game for doing bad, but still get valuable information that might help us.



Other minor changes

Besides these huge and important changes, Kaplan also talked about a few other minor changes that they are working on.

Some people didn’t like the kill cam, because it made them sad and mad watching themselves die over and over again, therefore an option might be added so players would automatically always skip the kill cam. It’s very surprising people don’t like the kill cam, because it actually gives a lot of information. You see from where you have been killed so u can find the enemy sniper more easily next time. Also, you might find flanking positions you didn’t realize existed which you can use in the future.

Another thing people were worried about is the in-game music. For players who play the game every day for hours and hours, the music might get too repetitive so they wanted an option to shut it down. Also it might be a problem for competitive gamers and distract them while they’re in a clutch situation. Developers once again came up with a great solution and according to Jeff, they will be adding a music volume slider in the options so players will be able to turn the music off.

“While talking about sound options, we have seen a request for Overwatch to have the sound working in the background” says Kaplan. That means even if the game is alt-tabbed on PC, we can still hear the in-game sounds. Every Blizzard game has it so far “and we will be adding it into Overwatch” confirms Jeff.

While all of these updates are super cool, they‘re also adding new things like objective score for defensive team. At the moment only attacking team gets them, but they‘ll bring an update so defending players get these points as well, when contesting the points or Payload.

Furthermore, the end of round cards are getting some upgrades. They are „not fully fleshed out <…> Some of the cards there are questionable right now“ mentions Kaplan. Besides removing some questionable old cards they will also be adding new cards like most objective points, etc. This will be a quality upgrade, because a lot of people were expressing negative reviews about the cards.

Overall Jeff said „we have really appreciated the conversation and debate. We feel like it‘s really healthy“. This is a great thing to hear – community and developers listening to each other, working together to make a great game. Hopefully they will be listening to the community in the future and keep the game as amazing as it is now.

He ends the video by saying that they pay a lot of attention to what the players are talking about Overwatch and confirming that they will address all small and big topics. “Thanks everybody” – ends Jeff.

To watch the full video where Game director Jeff Kaplan is talking about the development of Overwatch go here:

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