Introduction to Overwatch

Overwatch article written when Overwatch was in Beta

Hello, I‘m COOKIE and I will be writing Overwatch related articles for I am a casual gamer that plays a lot of games competitively. I have reached highest rankings in League of Legends for a few years in a row and recently reached highest ranks in CS:GO. That being said – I take games quite seriously. At the moment I can’t wait for Overwatch competitive games to start so I can get to the highest rank there. You might have heard a lot about it, but never really tried it yourself, because the game is still in closed beta, so what the hell is Overwatch?


The Characters

There are 21 different characters in the game at the moment. Each character has their own unique weapons and skills depending on their role (there are 4 roles – Offense, Defense, Support and Tank and they’re quite self-explanatory). Most of them have 1 weapon, but there are a few chars who have 2 weapons. I’ll talk more in-depth about some of the characters in future articles and leave it like this for now.



Many people compare Overwatch to Team Fortress 2, because both games look very cartoony and colorful, but let’s be real – over the past years many games that look cartoony and unrealistic is being compared to TF2. If we look at both, TF2 and OW, graphic styles are clearly not alike – both colorful and splashy, but Blizzard’s new game is clearly a much newer version of the old Valve game, with much better graphics and newer technology. Aside from graphics, Overwatch took the main game mode from TF2 – moving the payload – and it certainly can be compared to it in this field, but that’s pretty much the only thing that is taken from TF2, everything else, I’d say, should be compared to CS:GO and League of Legend based games. It might sound weird in the start, but let‘s look at it more in-depth. The characters are divided to 4 different roles, kind of like moba games, and each character not only has infinite ammo and casual spells, but they also have ultimate abilities. These ultimate abilities charge over the course of the game in a few different ways: if you‘re a tank, you can charge it by taking damage, if you‘re a healer you can heal people and, of course, you can simply deal damage with all characters and it will help you get your ultimate faster. This might be compared to one of the TF2 mechanics where medic also charges his ability over time and then he can use it, but on the other hand, Overwatch is much more like League of Legends here. I say that, because every character has his own unique ultimate and it‘s the way these ultimates work and how they affect the game brings me to moba comparisons. These ultimates, just like in moba games, are (or can be at least) game changers – they can potentially do massive swings and make insane clutch plays. Because of these abilities and possible clutch plays a competitive environment is created and you want to pick a team composition that works well together, for example you can use Zarya’s ultimate to bring all enemies in one place and then use Reaper’s ultimate to kill them all. Which again can be compared to League of Legends and Dota 2 and not with TF2. To state the obvious, yes, Overwatch is a very team based game and the only way to win is to work with your team, but Blizzard did a very great job, even at casual games, to make it possible. Voice chat works very well even though it’s still in beta and characters have automatic lines where they announce when they see a sniper, a turret or when they’re simply low HP. Overall communication is very important in team-based games and Blizzard did an amazing job here, making Overwatch a very enjoyable experience.


Thanks for reading the article and I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to come back in the future for more articles. If you have any tips about writing, want me to write about specific things or you simply want to say how great this was, please leave a comment for me!


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