Overwatch is taking a break for Christmas Holidays 2015

Sorry to bring you this sad news if you haven‘t heard about it yet, but Overwatch Beta servers are going down. All servers went down on December 10th and will only come up after we all get our Christmas presents, spend time with our families and celebrate new year’s with our friends. Precise time hasn‘t been announced yet, but servers should come online again around the middle of January next year. While this news might make a lot of people sad as they wanted to spend their holidays playing this amazing game that Blizzard created, the closing of Beta servers is actually not a super bad thing.

The fact that they’re closing the servers means Blizzard’s team has gathered a lot of valuable information in the past few months and they came up with great new stuff that they will implement while the servers are down. We can expect some balance changes to heroes and new maps that might or might not have snow in them as well as updated HUG, scoreboard and other in-game features. New heroes would be surprising as it’s still in closed beta and it already has a huge variety of heroes, but we will have to wait and see what Blizzard will surprise us with.

According to our Overwatch Boost Team, they are expecting new and exciting updates for 2016 – Stay tuned for more information as the game progresses through its Beta.


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