Overwatch's latest hero Ana.

Let’s Discover Superpower of Overwatch’s Latest Hero Ana

From the creators of Overwatch, some new characters have been introduced which are liked and loved by the gaming enthusiasts all over the world unless they are at loss due to nature of the tricky heroes.

Some time and patience may be required in order to understand the newest addition in a list of heroes along with their impact over the game. The recent addition hero, Ana, has come with capabilities of supporting and healing others. As Ana is new in the game, she has received some special power or buffs for this week. However, it can be nerfed later. Due to this reason, it is necessary to use her in a tricky fashion. It is better to be aware of the situation at every given occasion. So, do you want to know about Ana in details?

In one word, Ana has been described as a supporting character within the world of Overwatch. She roams around the arena with long-rifle. It is a kind of weapon that can be utilized to help the associates and destroy the enemies. Through her grenade, she heals. In addition, she may try to prevent some from being healed. Ana has a power to put the enemy in to sleep for long time also. At the same time, some of her allies can be damaged in terms of speed and resistance.

Due to inactivity for an extended time after a sleep dart hit from Ana, the players can be removed from the game. In mere 12 seconds, players can be disabled after the hit. However, layering with three players may be needed to gain result from the situation. In case the hit player manages to come over or pull off then the server may punish you adequately for missing the target completely.

However, these superpowers are only available during the mode of quick play. In competitive mode, players generally deal with one another directly. Still, it is quite painful to stay at the receiving end of Ana’s super power. The future of the character in the world of Overwatch is not decided. According to experts, it is necessary to make some changes to the character. Cool effects in the game can be enhanced as a result.

Ana was introduced for the first time in early July. However, official debut of the character was made a week later. It can be considered as a surprise for the player to see Ana in the PS4 platform suddenly. Due to lack of time table from the developers it has been quite hard to tell when she may be launched for the console. There is no news yet about Xbox One launch. Through the officials of the Blizzard Entertainment, it has been known that they are in talk with the Microsoft for the launch. Game is in the certification at the moment.

So, it may be released with the Xbox One soon enough. Therefore, player can keep an eye on the news for latest updates on the subject.

Written by Szymon, rank 84. 


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