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When does season 2 end in Overwatch? Read this article for the answer! Article is updated every time any news related to Overwatch Season 2 and 3 is released


Although the official beginning of season 2 is still unknown and speculated about - Blizzard said they did want Season 2 in Overwatch to start on the 6th of September, but no guarantees so far - the end of season 2 in Overwatch is really a lot more definitive. The end of season competitive play has two possible end dates and although they don’t vary much it still makes all the difference for which time frame to be playing for.



So what are these to dates? The initial announcement for the end of season 2 in Overwatch is the 11th of November, the only issue is that it isn’t the expected 3 month long season that we have been led to believe to be receiving. The difference comes in on what the initial start day will actually be. We have been told to expect it to come early September with multiple sources expecting season 2 in overwatch to begin as early as the 6th of September in which case the 11th of November end date falls a month short of the 3 month season.


Oh jeez, a whole months difference big deal -_-. Why yes it is quite the big deal an extra month to the competitive season means an extra month to rack up CP to get into a higher rank. The fact is a whole extra month makes a massive difference on how intensively you have to play in order to reach a decent competitive standing. Especially with all the changes expecting to come to competitive play this season. After the required adjustment period for all the players the longer you get of actual competitive play makes all the difference.


when does season 2 end overwatch


Season 2 end in Overwatch - So what happens? So when the season does finally come to an end on whatever date it may be. The ability to choose competitive play goes away in game and not long after that we can expect to receive the competitive play seasons rewards you have qualified for. Unlike other games Overwatch doesn’t offer a pre/post season competitive play as of yet so you will just have to go back to the public quick play, custom games or play on the PTR. Also your competitive ranking will receive a soft reset similar to League of Legends. Your ranking is set to zero but your statistics are not, so there is no need to worry if you are a very high ranking player about being placed in bronze just because you had bad placement games.


The off-season: the off season is the period of time before and after every season where major changes tend to come through as well as when the soft resets and rewards occur. During the off season players can expect to receive new maps or heroes, as well as major buffs and nerfs. This is also the time when e-Sports leagues tend to kick off which is great source of fun and practice for you and team mates while still giving you that adrenaline rush that comes with competitive play. This off season will come with the after math of the first Overwatch World Cup and we can expect the excitement to reverberate into the game as well with new skins and player icons from the tournament being released. The off season is also a great time to try out new strategies and heroes on the new themed map for the competitive season while you wait for it to begin.


Cool, but what about my season 2 ranked rewards in Overwatch?

season 2 ranked rewards overwatch

Season 2 of competitive play is expected to have pretty much the same rewards as season 1 except with the theme being Route 66 for the badges and sprays. In season 1 all of the competitive players received a basic spray and player icon for completing their placement matches and for those “extra special” players that placed in the top 500 worldwide received a special animated spray and a top 500 logo. On top of the extra cosmetic items, players were also rewarded with Competitive Points depending on their Skill Rating. The rewards are as follows:

  • SR 0-39: 10 CPs
  • SR 40-45: 20 CPs
  • SR 46-49: 40 CPs
  • SR 50-52: 60 CPs
  • SR 53-55: 80 CPs
  • SR 56-59: 120 CPs
  • SR 60-64: 200 CPs
  • SR 65+: 300 CPs

So with season 2 of competitive play we can expect much the same except the basic spray and player icon will be themed around Route 66 and not Ilios like season 1. It is also assumed that the design for the top 500 Spray and icon will change. The big difference with season 2 rewards is that we can expect to see skins as a reward as well. Whether it will be rank specific or CP purchasable is still unknown. The golden guns will also still be available but no longer at 300 CP. They will now cost a staggering 3000 CP for players to purchase. This comes on the back of the new ranked system which has changed from a 1-100 to 1-5000 ranking and will be there to allow players some leeway in ranked games. This 3000 CP requirement makes sense as players are awarded 10 CP per a win and 3 CP per draw in the new competitive season. So that 3000 CP requirement doesn’t actually seem too far away then anymore does it? That is also before the changed end of season rewarded CP but if it will be determined by rank out of 5000 or by tier (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master or grand master) is still unconfirmed.



To Sum Up


Question: When does Season 2 end in Overwatch? 
Answer: Either the 11th of November or the 6th of December (assuming the speculation that the season will begin on the 6th of September).


The season will be followed by the off season which does not allow for competitive play but will be when we receive the ranked rewards we have earned. You will be able to still purchase golden guns but in order to so you will need 3000 CP instead of 300 due to the change in the competitive play system. By the end of season 2 of competitive play we can expect to have the new map as well as new skins sprays and player icons from the Overwatch World Cup.


UPDATE: New information coming as soon as it has been released!



November 1 2016 Update: 
Season 2 in Overwatch ends the 23rd of November 2016. Season 3 will start the 30th of November.

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