Why did Overwatch become so popular so fast?

Many different types of games are created and released every day, but not all of them become popular games. Even a smaller amount of these games become competitive games. There are many factors that make a difference between a popular and competitive game. So, why did Overwatch become one of them? What is so special about this game that made it, and not any other game, so popular?

The creator of the game

One of many factors that matter a lot to the gaming community is the company that stands behind the game. In the case of Overwatch, the game was released by Blizzard, a company known for many great titles like World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. Of course, simply the fact that the game is made by this amazing company won’t guarantee it success and popularity, but it means a lot nevertheless.

Over the years Blizzard Entertainment always took care of their games and because of that they have a lot of fans and gamers trust them. Because of all the great success in the past, people trust in this company to take care of Overwatch and make it a great game. The fans can start playing the game without being worried that it will become crap after an update or because of unbalanced characters.


Great marketing

Without a doubt – a game cannot become popular fast without spreading the news about it before the game even releases. Blizzards’ marketing team did a great job making Overwatch popular before it even had its beta released. There were many teasers and videos of gameplay long before the release and they looked so cool that everyone got carried away instantly. Because of that, everyone got hyped very early. I remember myself when I first heard about Overwatch – I was daydreaming about it, hoping I can play it soon.


Great lore

What is more, the game has very interesting lore and every character has its story. Not only do characters have their story, but the whole Overwatch universe has a story and even a timeline of events which makes it very very interesting and unique when compared to other games, that just throw u in your characters pants and hope you’ll enjoy it. Great lore and the fact that characters have a story make people much more interested in the game and they are always hoping to get more and more information about their favorite character and its past lifetime.

What is more, people fall in love with their favorite characters and that makes it easier to sell people the game and any additional in-game content like skins and weapons. I would definitely buy a weapon skin or a new outfit for my favorite character in the game, because that’s what makes us different from other players and we can show off our love to this character.


The cartoonish looks

While this might not be the heaviest point while talking about popular games, but the looks of the game definitely matter. Overwatch has a very attractive and eye catching look which makes it very friendly and heartwarming. After seeing the game for the first time, you’ll just can’t wait to see it again and again, because everything is very smooth and has nice colors. Furthermore, because of all the heroes are so unique and pretty, people start cosplaying them. This also helps the game get more popular and increases its player base. The game wasn’t even released, but people were already cosplaying their favorite heroes, because they have seen them from tease videos and read their lore.


Unique gameplay

The main goal of the game is definitely not unique and Blizzard borrowed many things from different games when making Overwatch, but they combined these very different borrowed things and made something new and unique. Sure, the idea of the game comes from Team Fortress 2, the shooting comes from Counter-Strike and the roles with very unique abilities and ultimates come from moba games. But when all of these ‘old’ things are combined, you get a new and unique experience which is called Overwatch. Because of the fact that it has features from so many different games, it makes the game attractive to a huge variety of people. A person who love shooting games will start playing Overwatch, because of the shooting, someone who played TF2 will think this is similar to TF2 and someone who played League of Legends will find this game very similar to LoL and Blizzard knew this and used it so everyone would love their game.


Competitive play

Not all popular things become competitive, because they might be pay-to-win, unbalanced, etc. But Overwatch became a competitive game while still in early Beta. Many great games (like Rainbow Six Siege and Star Wars Battlefront) released around the same time as Overwatch beta was happening and yet Overwatch was the game that became competitive and not the other games. This happened, because it was more unique and was more balanced than any of the other games. Each hero in this new Blizzard game has his own role and very unique abilities which makes the game very versatile and interesting.

This is partly the reason why Overwatch Boosting will take off and be very effective. The game is hugely teambased, and to raise your rank you need to be better than the players you are matched up against. You need to be able to know the game inside and out, and you need to know how to carry.


Impact people can make

I believe this is one of the biggest thing that matter when playing competitively – every player matters and can make insane impact on the pace of the game alone. Obviously key to victory is playing as a team, just like in many other games, but a single player can make a huge impact nonetheless. For example, a 6-man Zarya ultimate can help her team kill everyone and win the game or a 5-man Mercy revive can turn the tides of battle in split seconds. The fact that every player has huge impact and can single handedly impact the game makes it very interesting for casual players. Also, this means that every new game will be different from the last game, because some people will have less and some people will have more impact. This is a great thing in a game and not all games has this, therefore people love when they can easily make huge impact alone.

The fact that you can make a lot of impact alone or the fact that everything is balanced won’t make a game instantly popular, that’s why this game has much much more. A great and trusted publisher, eye catching looks, great lore and interesting characters, insane marketing and of course balanced gameplay – all of these thing matter a lot and the game wouldn’t have become what it is today if you take away any of these great features. To wrap it all up, Overwatch became a great game because of many factors and every each of them matter a lot.


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