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Overwatch Boosting is the world leader when it comes to Overwatch 2 knowledge and the ability to translate that knowledge into action. We are owned by a large e-sports corporation, with decades of experience behind us in a lot of different games, such as: League of Legends, Dota, Heroes of the Storm, WoW and counter-strike. Everyone who works at Overwatch boosting service have years of experience under their belt and have been in the e-sports business for a long time. We several types of Overwatch 2 related services, each uniquely qualified to help you raise your Overwatch 2 Rank. These services include:

- Overwatch 2 Rank Boosting: This is our most popular services and is aimed for those who want to reach a higher rank in a safe, quick and painless manner. Our boosting services includes Placement Games Boosting where we make sure you place as high as possible, Win Boosting where we play on your account for a certain amount of wins, Overwatch Rank Boosting where we boost you all the way up to the top ranks and, of course, Duo Queue Boosting for those who want to feel how it is to play with a professional booster and letting them carry you to a higher level in a short period of time;

- Overwatch 2 Coaching: This is a very popular service aimed for those who wish to be taught by professionals how the game works, what they can do to correct their mistakes, how to increase their Overwatch 2 Rank and help with review replays and see areas of improvement.

- Overwatch 2 Level Boosting: This is where we go on your account and play until we reach the level you purchased. Level Boosting is generally done for Loot Box Rewards, which you receive each time you level up. Loot boxes contain different cosmetic items and are highly sought after in the Overwatch 2 Community. You can receive Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary Items from Loot Boxes when you level up, which is one of the reasons why level boosting is so popular. This service is sometimes referred to as Overwatch 2 Trophy Boosting, but that is incorrect. Trophies can only be gained when you play Overwatch 2 on PS4, and you gain these by completing different tasks or achievements ingame. Some people confuse it with Overwatch 2 Achievement Boosting, but boosting for achievements is something else - it basically means that you complete different tasks set by Blizzard to gain different ingame sprays.


1. We are part of an e-sports corporation who has been in the business for decades. Because of this we know how important it is that the company you choose for your Overwatch boost is trustworthy, professional and safe; something our corporation has been prioritizing for years and our clients have had the pleasure of experiencing for a long time. We are not a small company looking for boosters from random websites to hire and we don't trust just anyone with our client's precious accounts. All our employees have undergone extensive testing, training and trials and absolutely all of them have a background in either e-sports or customer service. Our boosters are thoroughly tested and vetted before they get a job with Overwatch-Boosting.com and you can feel safe knowing only professionals will be handling your account, giving you the best possible Overwatch 2 boosting service.

2. Making sure our clients are always left 100% satisfied is our number one priority. That is why we created the most sophisticated members area where you can do any of the things listed below:

-Tracking your orders - See all your orders, track the progress made, check your messages and notifications from the boosters and the website and look at the booster's match history.
-Chatting with your booster - Here you can for example request specific heroes and roles to be played, getting to know your booster and setting up specific times for him to play if you are on a schedule. You can also ask him to do your future orders.
-Pause the order - At any time you can choose to pause your order and only resume it when you are ready. The booster will always wait for you.
-Request a specific booster for your needs - For example one you have had before and wish to have boost you again.
-Rate and review all the services on our website - You have your own rating page where you can leave reviews, comments and ratings for any of our services.
-Contacting an admin directly from the profile - We will get back to you as soon as possible, generally within a few hours but always within 24 hours.
-And much more!

3. Our focus is on growth and professionalism. Therefore we put all possible resources to investigate the latest technology and safety methods for both websites, games and virtual privacy networks. We will always ensure your account's safety by taking precautions, such as using premium VPN servers so that every account that is boosted has a unique IP. This way none of the accounts can be traced back to Overwatch-Boosting.com. Outside of the most obvious VPN option, we have a myriad of other safety precautions available to our boosters, as well as many automatically in place within our own network and programs - These cannot be disclosed due to them being a company secret that we do not want our competitors to get their hands on.

4. Great customer support available to you at any day. We never take a break and never go on holiday, we are available every single day, year around. We always try to have someone ready to answer your request in different time zones to resolve your issue or answer your questions and get back to business as quickly as possible.

5. Affordable prices. Even though we offer the best services on the market - both in regards to safety, quality and speed - we look to keep our prices down to ensure that everyone has the chance to get an Overwatch 2 Boost, hire an Overwatch Coach or read an Overwatch 2 guide. Just because the prices are similar to our competitors, it doesn't mean that the quality is the same. We are providing so much more for the money that our dear clients pay than what our competitors do. We will always put our clients first, and because we are part of a much larger corporation, we have more resources to ensure your account's safety, we have more experience in providing quality services and we have a larger network to answer to, ensuring complete professionalism from all of us, admin, boosters and support alike. Our client database consists of more than 6 million satisfied customers across many different games, and we always look to offer new and exciting possibilities and different offers for returning, loyal clients.


It's simple, choose your service and you will be taken to either create an account or login to your personal membership area. After you have signed up you will be taken to PayPal where you can pay by either credit card, debit card, bank transfer, direct paypal payment or one of the other payment methods PayPal offers. Once you have paid, you will be redirected back to your membership dashboard where you can track your orders, request a booster (if you do not request a booster, one will be automatically assigned to your account) and explore the other services we have to offer. When the order is assigned to a booster, you will have direct contact with him and you can talk to him, ask him any questions you have, make a request if you want anything special done on your account and just enjoy the service and the smooth ride.


Overwatch 2 is a team-based, class-based multiplayer first person shooter brought to us by blizzard entertainment. Currently the only game mode is 5 vs 5 and the point of the game is to either attack or defend. When you have to attack, your team has to capture square capture points by standing in it for a certain amount of time or move an object called a payload to its destination. As the defender you obviously have to hold back the enemies from taking the point or moving the payload. Sounds kind of simple, right? Well, it kind of is. The game is very easy to get into, fun to play and there are Overwatch 2 characters aimed for beginners – characters that have an easy learning curve and are great for those just starting out!

Boosting in Overwatch 2
It came as no surprise that Overwatch 2 Rank Boost became popular as fast as it did, after all, it is a team reliant game and if you are continuously stuck with teammates who do nothing but drag you down, you may need a great player to help you get to a higher rank where you can have fun and play among better teammates - that is where our company comes in. We can help you reach any rank so that you can focus on having fun and enjoying the game instead of raging at your terrible teammates. Boosting in Overwatch 2 has been around since the game's Beta days and it looks like it is here to stay.

Overwatch 2 boosting trophies is actually the name of a thread on a playstation forum, which aims at helping players gain PS4 trophies when playing Overwatch 2 on console - Another thread was called: Overwatch 2 achievement boosting pc - and just like the name implies, it helped players who wanted to get all the possible achievements in the game. When OW 2 boosting helps our clients and plays on their accounts, we automatically gain a lot of achievements due to the skill of our Overwatch 2 boosters, which in turn gives our clients a sort of "free achievement boost".

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